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You accidentally uploaded a draw here tile so I deleted it. You can still probably find the tile and try to check it in again if you want.
Hi there
I noticed that...it was to bad, my drawing on the tile was actually qiute good. But I didn´t save it right, and as everyone says....you learn by your misstakes.

My name is Veronica and I live in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. For as long as I can remember I´ve liked to draw, mostly with rubber and pencil but sometimes I draw oilpaintings. When I paint on the computer I use the mouse, maybe the pictures will look better if I draw on a drawing board, but unfortunally I don´t have one.

Some of my works on the Internet:
Steele Internet Magazine (in Swedish) http://hem.passagen.se/steele2002
Gaily´s Webpage (in English) http://medlem.spray.se/gaily/sidor

I´m working on my official webpage at the moment, so please have a litle patient until it´s done=)

Love/ Veronica
Blending tiles
It's a combination of a wee-little bit of artistic talent and a whole lot of Photoshop experience. After matching up colors and fixing photographs for many years professionally, one picks these things up. You just have to take your time and match those colors. It's hard to explain. I do a little bit of blending at first, a bit of cloning if necessary. I also use the eyedropper tool a lot to get the exact colors. However (and this is where the little bit of artistic skill comes into play), I have to have an idea for the tile. I try to picture what the tile will look like before I begin. Even if it ends up totally different, I find it helps to have some sort of starting point.
Re: Blending tiles
I don´t have the slightest idea of what you are talking about. Have I expressed a problem with blending?
Re: Re: Blending tiles
I saw my post on your tile and now I understand=)