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About me
I'm 18, studying graphic design in Boise Idaho at Boise State University. I've been in every art class possible since elementary school. I own a custom 2.2 ghz, 256mb ram, 120gb hd, 128mb Radeon 8500 & cable connection.
Re: About me
Awesome, Magnifico!! Very talented boy with lots and lots of potential...Youll be big some day you're already well on your way! Love Jess
fellow ho
hey, i'm from boise too. good to see someone else from boring, idaho with skillz.
Three visable tiles and three coins... not bad
You've got some mad skills for a newbie. Best wishes for your studies and future career. I hope to see more stuff from you around here.
Re: Three visable tiles and three coins... not bad
thx dude, im actually not a fresh newbie i had the profile of uhhh... crap i cant remember - shiftycapone i think. but lately ive found some time to put some real work into my tiles... i hope they keep getting better!
raging cow
dude! is that you in the raging cow blog/far signs thingy ?
Re: raging cow
Yeah dude! that was awhile ago... almost forgot about that. that was probably the funnest thing ive ever done with my website. 6 of us kids with websites were chosen from across the U.S. to help campaign the new drink 'raging cow'... got to work with The Richards Group, largest independent advertising company in the nation. good experience.