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hey i like your colorful constructs... just a suggestion though. the styles you'll need to do to get asked to the invite quilts will require a more handmade look. newbies is the best place to start practicing other styles. just my [hopefully helpful] opinion, and i do like what you've done so far. enjoy ;o)
Re: howdy
yhea this by far the most solid cpu style i have seen, i dig the sylte but Tony is right, try a diferent style for some tiles :D but keep this one too i like it =)
I'm getting...
... incredible inspired by your different style. I will try to use something similar in some tiles, even if I know that abstraction use to be not very well accepted in the tiles... but I will do it for the mainquilt. I will dedicate that tile or tiles to you :) Continue progressing in a more realistic style, and continue inspiring us :)
Re: I'm getting...
awww..well, thanks!

i'd love to try diff styles, but i'm simply not very good at them lol...i keep trying, but i really can't draw.....oh well! i'll push peoples buttons and/or boundaries ha ha

these quilt things are so much harder than one would think!!!

my art group (EBSQ) does digital "corpses" but somehow they are easier..i think it has to do with the larger res...getting detail into low res is rough
that's self representing artists? right? if so, could you give a link or say which category they are in? i visited that site but couldn't find them :o)
ebsqart.com - great group 'o peoples....that's how i found this place...a link on the digital art boards
Re: Re: EBSQ
i found two links that referred to the exquisite corpses... one in the boards, and one on your profile. both however linked to an ebay auction for prints of the art work, and their were no items to view. do you know if they are available to view anywhere on ebsqart.com ?
Re: Re: Re: EBSQ
well, i hesitate to give this, cuz we were just gettin in to the groove of it back then and have no newer corpses posted, but:
Re: Re: Re: Re: EBSQ
hey those are pretty cool! thanks for the link ;oD
btw, thanks to whover tried to redeem my horrible tile by giving it an undeserved 5 - lol, good try
every 5 tiles you make
you receive 1 coin.
you can place them as a present for the good work,
on other people tiles.
once you hit " give coin" buton
it's done so be careful to your choices.