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Comment: Mixed bizness
Checked out at: December 07, 2001
Checked in at: December 07, 2001
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The old man and the sea
i was inspired by that book a lot...
i was worried somebody would have problems blending that weird slanty black thing i left up there but you did it perfectly.. i dunno where you people get these ideas.. it seems like the tiles around yours were made to fit in to your vision...

all i do is take stuff from the tiles and try to warp it into some random bullshit that might or might not look cool :(
Re: wow
yeah, it was pretty hard to decide what to blend there... liked this idea most. random bullshit isn't always bad... but try to see something in the borders you get. need to have some imagination, and i'm sure you have it.

oh, btw- i added the bright red/yellow part in the lower left to introduce some colors other than brown...