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This tile is from Attack of the 50 Foot Mainquilter!

Comment: My best so far (I hope) Entitled: Time to go to bed, little ones
Checked out at: October 17, 2001
Checked in at: October 17, 2001
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The heads of the smal gingerbreads looks a lot like the head at tile 8232.
I like the things in this tile, it tells me something. You know what i mean :)
What does it tell you?
And I know, long story
Re: ^_^
It circles around time. I thought that the brown timeglass first was a coffeemachine but instead there are two timeglasses. The quilt formed as an racingflag is also about how we have no time for sleeping. Gingerbreads becuase we are burnt out. *ughu*
Re: Re: ^_^
Hmm... I'd have to disagree about the role played by the racing flag/quilt. To me, it says that we race through our day so frivilously just to get to the end of the race, to sleep. And from the figures (which look more like skeletons than gingerbread men to me), it's perhaps not such a good thing to rush so much. This can also be further supported by the timeglasses, in that we're also running out of time. In my view, the whole tile centers around not just time, but around losing time as well. However, your theory is just as equally valid. I can't tell which I like better-- yours or mine :) So Yadoking, just what are you trying to say in this piece? :)
Very very cute!
I love the layout and ideas in this drawing.

My one comment would be that you need to work on your edges more - not your blending edges - they're good, but the edges of the objects in your drawing. They're pretty jagged and some smoothing over would make all the difference in this tile.
thanx for your comments!
Actually, they're something like tiny little ghosts. it's based on something from japanese mythology, so never mind. :P
And how should I smooth out my edges, for future references?
To answer your question, I just tryed to attain the image of how perishable everything is, and mix it with the kabuki theatre Idea of a "floating world"
More morbid than it looks, i know. :P
Can somebody say..
The forest sprites from Princess Mononoke? :)
Finally, someone noticed. Good job.