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Comment: Let me hear you say "Moog!"
Checked out at: July 23, 2001
Checked in at: July 23, 2001
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Would you mind explaining..
Would you mind explaining the meaning behind this tile? I'm just curious.
Sure thing, Boss.
The ant is part of the logo of my favourite band, The Prodigy. They got their name from a piece of equipment that the musical brain, Liam Howlett, had some special feelings for. The name of that piece of equipment was "Moog Prodigy" and that's the reason why i choose that title. Thank you for wondering. =)

Re: Sure thing, Boss.
cool.. it's really interesting to know where people get their ideas from.
Re: Re: Sure thing, Boss.
I agree. I think that it would be fun with some background info on the tiles, not only the short description. Specially now that I know that I'm not the only one that is curious. ;)

Re: Would you mind explaining..
could u stop bitching?
u always start this kind of thread
Re: Re: Would you mind explaining..
Why are you so hostile? I don't see that any of it is provoked.
Re: Re: Re: Would you mind explaining..
Me neither. I was glad that someone was interrested in my thoughts behind the tile.