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This tile is from Acoustic Tiling

Comment: For Blending Issues, Read the Thread.
Checked out at: August 03, 2001
Checked in at: August 03, 2001
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Evil Bugs in the Tiles Code?
What happened to this tile? It does _not_ look like this in the original...

Re: Evil Bugs in the Tiles Code?
This looks like the bug that ate the Black and White quilt. Email Slothy and beg for help!
Original Tile Uploaded. Blending Sacrificed.
Thank you Slothy for deleting the infected tile. =)

If anyone wonders why the blending to the tile on the left and the one on the top of my tile looks rather bad, it's because of the fact that they had an image-border from a messed up picture to blend from, so when the correct tile is uploaded, naturally, it doesn't fit in as good as one would prefer. To avoid this bug, add some colors somewhere in the picture. Strict B/W images get messed up.