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Comment: I'm just a material girl
By: Kim
Checked out at: July 19, 2001
Checked in at: July 19, 2001
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I almost get mad!!! I wanted to know what the hell was that!!! Now, it's visible :))) I hope you enjoy the result! :)
grr.. look at that silly purple line
I made that bit flat pink, so I guess it was the jpging that casued it to be less than flat. Sorry bout that yops.. but now I know why I often get tiles with the last row of pixels a that don't seem to blend properly.
Re: grr.. look at that silly purple line
Yeah, the same happened to me many times. They were talking about it on the conversation of the Acoustic Tiling... It seems it's a problem of the internet explorer:
Re: white errors pic have errors
there is a bug in photoshop that causes multicoloured noise to appear on the tile. in internet explorer, mozilla an gimp it looks normal. (etc)

Re: Re: grr.. look at that silly purple line
A very simple solution on how to get a perfect copy of the png image is to just right-click it and choose "copy" and then start PhotoShop and create a new image and paste it. Worked perfect everytime for me. (I do too get some graphical errors if I just try to save the png image in IE.) I download it that way too, though, and just paste the finished tile on it, merges the two layers and saves it. Done.

Re: Re: Re: grr.. look at that silly purple line
That's actually what I do too (but for me it's bc I'm lazy and it's less work than saving and opening the file) :)

I am pretty sure that the dark edge is bc when you save as a jpg, you get artifacts along the edge from the dark checkerboard (if you save it with the checkerboard edges) It's impossible to get a shapr edge in a jpg. I've decided to save all mine without that checkboard from now on and I hope other people will do the same.