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This tile is from Theme: What did Besse (the cow) Eat?

Comment: my first tile..oh how lovely(sarcasm)
Checked out at: July 04, 2001
Checked in at: July 04, 2001
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nice tile, but..
.. where's the blending? it is a nice tile, but it isn't blended at all. it's your first time, so that is kind of excuseable. i look forward to seeing your artwork actually incporated into the framework of the quilt.
..hey =]
Hi there.

Despite what the majority of people seem to have voted, i still reckon this is a pretty cool tile.

Re: the blending, yeah, it does need a little work, but it's good to see that you took the main colours from the other tiles.
..maybe w/ a little more practice and attention to detail..

..a great way to get practice is to check out a couple of tiles on the newbies quilt.

good start
as being a new tiler myself, i gotta say all in all your tile is pretty dope.
your tile has a fresh lil' feeling to it, you just gotta try and remember what this quilt shizz is all about. kinda gay to say teamwork, since i *shiver* at the word, but really thats what it is. and blending is the key. tryin to make the tiles all one gigantic, super-duper singular tile machine.
(pardon all my lowers caps scare me. laf.)
also a good place to look, if you didnt already, is the tutorial.
aight im all done.