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This tile is from Theme: What did Besse (the cow) Eat?

Comment: This should look good.
Checked out at: June 27, 2001
Checked in at: June 27, 2001
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Jakub Sudra
The guy that did the tile under mine got that water to go up
so the whole thing turned out a bit strange.
Anyway. I did it, like the blue piece was water.
A very big part of my tile is just blending the other tiles,
becouse I didn't have a free edge.
Re: Hmmm...
pretty cool that you guessed that it was a flag on a golf course :) This is very well done, nice range of brights and darks, etc.

Re: Hmmm...
Sorry 'bout that, I had 3 edges: one grassy, one sandy, and one watery, and the watery edge would have ended up as a sharp right angle merging into the grassy edge no matter how I did it. One of the "features" of a surreal quilt. ;)

Props to you for blending all of the tiles nicely!
Jakub Sudra
That's a change
My first (visable) tile got 1,333333 ;)
that's the spirit
You are showing progress. That's good.