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This tile is from Theme: What did Besse (the cow) Eat?

Comment: bessie eats the bomb.
Checked out at: June 22, 2001
Checked in at: June 22, 2001
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Recursion at it's finest.
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recursion by what meaning? The bombs? The title? I'm dumb.
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You drew a cow inside Besse. You said her name was Besse. That means, there is a cow inside a cow, inside a cow, inside a cow, inside a cow...

At first, I thought it was a drawing of all the stuff in Besse's stomachs. Although, now that I think about the title of the quilt, what she ate could possibly have exited naturally in two different ways. If the stuff is outside her tummy, most likely is was by autopsy though because all the stuff in this quilt was sure to kill her.