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This tile is from Theme: What did Besse (the cow) Eat?

By: deater
Checked out at: June 22, 2001
Checked in at: June 22, 2001
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Jakub Sudra
Ow yeah!
The worst tile in the world!!!
Jakub Sudra
Re: Ow yeah!
And how could You improve...
Add some detail, choose good colours, spend more time at it,
ask someone how does it look, go to the newbie quilt or something,
get something else than MS-paint.
Re: Ow yeah!
It's definitely not even close to the worst tile on this site. Look at some of the old quilts where people didn't even bother to blend. At least this tile blended well.
What's really amazing is that it appears to be a perfect blend. So I'm sure they're not using MS Paint. But it does look as though they don't have much art experience. Deater, you should practice on the Newbies quilt for a bit. Just don't stop drawing, keep it up.