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This tile is from Theme: What did Besse (the cow) Eat?

Comment: the cow ate the beach and the paragliders!
By: rympit
Checked out at: June 16, 2001
Checked in at: June 16, 2001
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Just love the surrealistic elements in this one.... the arm turning into a beach, etc. Plus, decent work considering it's a 4-sider!
Rympit, could you, please, pay attention to blending?
Except for the blending, tile is pretty good.
Re: blending...
did you checked the tiles on the top and left? i could not blent to the top tile because that one is 1 px shorter that it suppose to be, and for the left you are right, but don't blame me for the lighter part of the tile... that is part of the left tile =(
This is a really great tile but it is just too light to fit in. By itself it is beautiful, but in context it sticks out. Nice design though. I really like the tile you did on picture of a city with the boy who climbed the pole and the wierd thing the ostriches came out of.
Mia Culpa
I got to say a bit for him on this one, as my tile (left- the arm) is causing him a bit of heat here. The lightness on that side is in MY tile. (Essobie's method, forgot to turn off the overlay/neighbor layer before saving out as png...) Mia culpa, what can I say except I screwed the pooch, won't happen again..I'm sorry. So if your talking about the left edge of this tile -thats my fault. Take it out on me/my tile.