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Comment: quik bunny gonna git ya
Checked out at: June 02, 2001
Checked in at: June 03, 2001
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Laura or Ms.Quik
Quik stuff
I love the quik bunny and i greaty appreciate the time you took to create this picture. I think it is a masterpiece however you should have thought to make the quik himself rather large to improve the taste of the picture. Being a great fan of Sir Nesquik has taught me to love and care for rabbits such as quik. I understand that since your drawing quik has formaly changed his name to Nesquik which to my respects is a lower quality name not to mention degrading to all of Quik's fans and buyers. I love the taste of nesquik in the morning and think all the readers out there do too, thanx for your time and g-d bless you!
Mystety user
Re: Quik stuff
I like just eating the powder