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Comment: o0o0o skArY MonSteR!
By: acryl
Checked out at: May 29, 2001
Checked in at: May 29, 2001
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cool pic
but the white border really sucks. I would give it a 5 but cause of the white border a 3. But then again, I can't vote here :)
Re: cool pic
Yep, I can't vote either. For some reason I like the rugged style and the cartoony borders it has. It's a bit different in style than the other tiles in here.
Re: Re: cool pic
If you aren't eligible to check out a tile on the quilt, you can't vote. I wanted invite-only quilts to only be able to be voted on by the people who are part of it. Likewise, the newbies won't get slammed by the expert folks. I could either change that code, or I could find people who want to vote on the newbie quilts and actually make them a Member of those quilts. Then you could vote.

the border does suck, but I can see how you were trying to work it into what you were given, in a comic-book style sorta way. Nice work anyway, I'll give you a 3 :)