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This tile is from We Are Not Elitists We Just Work Hard (Invite Only)

Comment: alien ship trying to shoot the big guy :)
Checked out at: May 12, 2001
Checked in at: May 13, 2001
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it seems the scores on all my tiles went down by at least 1 point. I smell foul play. oh well, I don't really care bout scores but I just like to say FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKER!! ok that was relieving.
Re: hmmmm
all of your tiles?
Even ones in other quilts?
Re: Re: hmmmm
all of my tiles except in the invite only ones.
Re: hmmmm
That happened to me also. Not only did it stop me from caring about my scores, I pretty much stopped voting all together. Slothy can tell you who did it if you really want to know.

He was thinking about making all the votes public, but I don't think that will solve anything because abusers will just make multiple accounts.
Re: Re: hmmmm
i don't want to know who did it. i just like to say whoever did that is a lame fuck who needs a good spanking from his mommy.
Re: Re: Re: hmmmm
Personally I LIKE what the voting system is trying to accomplish... I just don't like the ability to abuse it. Vote scoring isn't the most important thing, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't like to see my tiles get high scores.

I'd actually prefer comments from anyone that wanted to comment on things instead of the voting. The voting as it is now lets people do a "one click comment" that, as we've now seen, is pretty easy to make it look like lots of people hate your work.

If someone wants to trash my work, I'd rather them say it with words... I wouldn't even care if it was some unknown IP address saying it... at least they'd have to type out "YOU SUCK" over and over. ;)

I think I've seen a number of ideas to change the voting system, but here's my two cents:

Don't allow a number vote without a messaged comment. Make the form to enter a message comment display right on the peice (instead of a post new message button).

Possible exploitation would be someone just putting in a >:( and voting -5, but you simply moderate poor messages (delete them) and thus remove their vote from the pool.

I'd volunteer for being a moderator if this would be possible. I've got so much moderation experience you'd probably think I live in a universe where they they have 50 hour days. ;)
Re: Re: Re: Re: hmmmm
Here's my worry with that. First off, it would identify everyone and their votes, which I think would make the site really start to suck with political bull. (Bob voted low for me?! Well his tiles suck, I'll vote him down!). I believe this would encourage people to log out and vote anonymously, which makes us lose important data about each person (namely their votes, which show a lot).

Even if that DOESN'T happen, we'll still obviously lower the amount of votes, probably drastically. Since most tiles now get around 3 votes each, I'm scared of the effect of dropping that more. You could get anonymous people practically deciding the score of each tile.

Or maybe people would all step up and vote just as much and it'd work fine :) I just feel like the site works pretty well now, and I'm scared to play with that nice balance we have. But I agree that it's not perfect. There is always the opportunity for abuse - it's just that right now there's very little incentive to do so.

However, let's keep talking about this idea. I don't mean to kill this idea, I'm only voicing my fears on it.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: hmmmm
But you could deny all the anonymous voters to vote.. then you would not have that problem.. If you are somewhat intrested in this site you probably would like to try out to do a tile, and then you have to make an account. If you only are to abuse it, you probably won´t be stupied enough to create an account just to vote down tiles!? Ok, if you really want to do it, sure... but it makes the process of voting down certain people much harder..

But I dunno.. I personally like the voting system, especially the comment stuff.. If I create a tile, and don´t get any comments just a score decided by 2-4 people.. I couldn´t care less! If 10 people would vote it I certainly would look at the votes, or the comments (even better than the scores!)

Alright, that´s my opinion...

Take care all../ ize