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This tile is from Mainquilters 33: Slackin, Snackin, And Smackin

Comment: Nature! - sry for top blend, there was a black line :\
By: Sven2
Checked out at: January 04, 2005
Checked in at: January 04, 2005
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wut hapen!
Hm, I didn't know this was a sent-back tile (expired?). I hope I didn't take away someone's spot now :(
Re: wut hapen!
Though I should have noticed, because it's the one previously discussed in the main thread. D'oh :o
Re: Re: wut hapen!
great tile! realy like your stile.. very good, one thing tough...
when you have a dark or black line to try to blend, just pretend it isn't there
instead of trying to cover it in some other way, like you did on this one, all
the other sides are very well blended but it looks worse on the upper tile then if you tried to save it differently.. (just skipping the black line and blending from pixel above it) ..

keep up the good work, just a litle tip!!