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Comment: Fingerpaint mosaic
By: Flit
Checked out at: April 27, 2001
Checked in at: April 27, 2001
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So I blended and blended and probably overblended (blah, gray clouds seeping into the sky in places), and then screwed around with effects.... cheap tricks but I really liked the look so I stopped there.

I see a lot of flaws in the blending, in context, especially in the sky gradient parts. The right edge was just criminal, too; I should have at the very least done a LOT more cutouts so that it wouldn't be such a hard merge, extended it past the boundary better (I think I got dark edge disease), and probably changed the background color on that side to something other than blue (I've been reading Essobie's comments!) I'm happy that basingstoke found something useful to do with that.

I was dying of curiosity about those little clubs and reasonably pleased with how that part turned out; I was also just insanely curious about what was above me, and wow, Reko. This was vintage pre-blending Reko so the hard edge of the mosaic helped soften the transition a little, I think.

Subject matter... will probably always be a weak point; I tend to imagine things that are far more interesting than I can actually execute. I'm enjoying looking at what other people do and trying to figure out how they achieved what they did, what sensibilities they used to choose colors and subject matter, etc. I could have done better with this one (and will probably be saying that for a long time).

I hope I get time to do some more this weekend; it's been a hard long week!