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Comment: Just random shapes
Checked out at: April 11, 2001
Checked in at: April 11, 2001
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That border I had to blend wasn't even what's there. If you look at the top tile, and the border I had to blend, the border isn't the same. I even cut and pasted it into photoshop, and the border is something totally different. Looks like this quilt is buggy, slothy.

Also, the tile above me had a black line right on the bottom border (right side), so I had to throw in some black lines to try and make it look better, but I guess it didn't help much. Oh well...
Re: WTF?!
yup, that top border is the upper tile, repeated twice horizontally. That's the 16-bit bug.

Maybe I'll just abort this quilt, because Photoshop can't correctly read gray PNG files. What a dumb mess.

Re: Re: WTF?!
yeah, it ain't looking too good anyway :\
Re: Re: Re: WTF?!
Helluva tile tho, Valacar. I love it!