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This tile is from Newbies 28: Nicks Ferocious Tile Eating Machine.

Comment: gunning down the dragon
By: jerO
Checked out at: September 16, 2003
Checked in at: September 16, 2003
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Another very kewl tile!
You do some good stuff! I was thinking of asking some people to post some work on my site. Take a look and if your interested let me know. The address is theLASTPAGE It's a server I'm running from home right now but if I get enough content I may go ahead and register the domain. Even with it not registered if you search on the name of the site it still pops up second on google. MSN search doesn't see it yet but it's only been up about three weeks and they don't run the bots like google does. Anyways good tile and let me know on that other or if you feedback on the site.
Re: Another very kewl tile!
really nice site design man... need more time to look it over re: your request... i'll contact you offline this weekend if i can
Excellent tile
At such high quality, maybe you could post links to the tiles at high resolutions as well?
maybe i should start doing them at higher rez then. LOL. these are all pretty much at screen rez, sometimes with 2-5 layers. the vine, pipe, meat piece using the most layers so far at like 6 (so much overlap).
But yeah, WYSIWYG for the most part.
Its not a bad tile dont get me wrong. I like your style and all, jsut you knew three sides next to you. The technique you used to murge your picture with theirs did not work so well. They got knocked down in score because yours looks good but does not line up well.
Re: curious
i'm not really sure i understand. are you saying that the few pixels at my tiles edge don't blend that well, or that you didn't like what i did overall?
Re: Re: curious
I do like the tile. I just think that the ivory at the bottom ended abruptly. I didnt mean for it to sound like i was raggin on you.
Re: Re: Re: curious
oh that... that was intentional. not knowing what was there, i tried turning it into a gun platform/landing pad. didn't have much room for the gunner in the composition, since the wing took up so much space, so i tried to just make it seem flat on top. guess it gives the wrong impression. i was hoping to carry it over with the piping and stuff instead. bad call i guess.
Re: Re: Re: Re: curious
no it was a good choice. I spent some time looking at it and it does make since there. nice job.