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This tile is from Newbies 28: Nicks Ferocious Tile Eating Machine.

Comment: mountain pass?
Checked out at: September 18, 2003
Checked in at: September 18, 2003
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I didn't think you did a great job on blending the sky, so I only gave you a four. Shame, because this is such a lovely image. I'd look at all of the edges next time to make sure you didn't miss any places.
Re: Sky
It was a bit difficult, since the sky to the left was rather noisy (the milky way I suppose), which is hard to blend, and I didn't want to continue the way the artist drew the stars. I think it looks a lot better zoomed in (; I did add a couple of constellations, though, if you didn't notice.
I think this tile is fantastic. I'm going to invite you to some of the other quilts right now.
Re: great
I look forward to it.