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This tile is from The Dark Side of Your Mind

Comment: my favorite pet ..
Checked out at: September 04, 2003
Checked in at: September 05, 2003
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help me out..
help me out here .. i need someone to tell me what doesn't give this one the
1 step that lacks from givin it a nice five compared to the tile above ..
maybe i'm too in to my own work to not being able to see the elements that isn't there .. or something.. it isn't that four isn't bad, it's just i've been doing this too long so i should be able to do bether than a four.

thanks for taking your time.

sincear Heinzon
Re: help me out..
.. it isn't that four isn't (bad = good) :p
Re: Re: help me out..
I think it's a great tile!

It looks like the blend is just a little off on the top, mostly in the orange area. Maybe that's why it's a 4 and not a 5. Or maybe it's just the voter's personal tastes.