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Comment: sea shell
Checked out at: August 20, 2003
Checked in at: August 20, 2003
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I give you a 1 for blending, and that's about it. Though the colors at the border were continued correctly, there's still no sense of continuation. See how the white thing was at an angle in the border? What would've been a good idea would have been to continue that angle. That way, people can't tell that there's a seam between your tiles.

And no points for the seashell slapped with a ps filter.
First, Since i know what that sloped light pinkish thing is(i made the conecting tile) i didn't give you a reasonable score.
Second, next time, try and leave a little for the other artists to work with, i know since i made two more tiles conecting to that one.
i got my pants on all by myself today
Thanks for the comments; I will take what you said into consideration next time. Yes, I should give other more to work with, this is true, it's just I really like that seashell. While I lowered the opaquasy (or however you spell that word, weeeee I’m stupid) so you could see the background threw it, I made it completely from scratch; no filters added just the airbrush and some time and love. I thought, and correct me if I’m wrong, that the thing in the orange square on the side was a woman in a bathing suit. So I added another completely original pic I made by hand/computer, even if it shrunk to an unrecognizable size, I thought it would.... no I’m not even going to rationalize, this tile is pretty crummy, and yes I could have done better, but I’m just doing this to kill time wile the paints drying on something I’m working on back here in the real world.....so yup....I give it a 1