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This tile is from Newbies 23: The case of the malfunctioning tablet

Comment: More Lightning!
Checked out at: April 24, 2003
Checked in at: April 24, 2003
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Comments on your tile
I have only just found this community, and the only 2 tiles I have done aren't yet visible, but I still thought I should post after having voted -1 for this tile.

The tile you checked in seems to be inspired in no way by the one you checked out. I found getting inspiration one of the hardest parts of the two tiles I did, but that's no reason to just slap a ball of lightning in the middle of your tile. You did finish off the treasure chest and give the ball an edge, but thats it, apart from flowing some colors into the piece.

I can say that the top right corner would provide some trouble for me, because two different colors are coming together for seemingly no reason, but that's just something to work around.

You have not given the artists who will be working off your edge anything to work with, just grey, black, pink, and a couple of blue strands.

My final point is that you seem to have used the same technique for this tile as you have for the tile at the top of the quilt. Variation is great. It makes the quilt more interesting, and also exposes you to more methods and styles, so you can get a better feel for what you enjoy.

I hope that I've been useful. If you need anything explained more, please reply and I'll try as best I can. When my tiles become visible I would be grateful for your comments.

Regards, Dom.
I agree
To be honest, i created this tile for my girlfriend, i know it sounds weird and stuff but ....

Not sure where im going with that, but i've taken your points into view, most of wich i agree with, i just found it hard to think of something at the time to create from which someone else could use :/