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This tile is from Mainquilters 21: Ancient Temples of the Aztecs, Mayans, and Egyptians Marathon

Comment: Blue Water Lily and Flag of Netjerew
Checked out at: March 19, 2003
Checked in at: March 20, 2003
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I think maybe you should have paid closer attention to the borders you were given...your tile sticks out and doesn't seem to go with the rest of the quilt...just my opinion, but maybe a little more activity or interest in the tile instead of just trying to pass on something.
Yes, I realize this art is not as complex as the other tiles, and I don't personally think it sticks out. I knew I was given the top of a tree, so I added two things commonly found at the top of an egyptian temple; the flag representing that "the god is in," and the blue water lily of fertility.
I understand that my art gets low scores because of the lack of complexity, but that is my style, stripping things down to the bare essentials, both in my digital art, my prints, my photograpy, my paintings ; if you would like me to stop posting in mainquilters and stop bringing down the average quality of the quilts, that's fine with me.


I am quite proud of this tile, I do think I got what I wanted across quite well. I didn't feel it would be right to add any more objects, it would be only for the sake of giving edges and it would compromise some things.
So, scores of 1 or not, I will continue to add to this quilt which I love. I can stop after that.

Just one thing: must my tiles be realistic? Must they? aaaah. :p

(Wow, I'm long winded)
Re: Explaining
Dear Andrew: No offense was meant by any means. I just felt badly that your tile was getting low scores and thought maybe a few hints may have brought it up. By all means, you must keep tiling...and enjoy it! And of course, tiles never have to be realistic, art is for everyone to enjoy. So don't stop--keep going & I'm sorry if I offended, it was never my intention.
Re: Re: Explaining
Dear renee,
It wasn't directly to you. I'm utterly thankful that you gave comments to help me improve. Thank you!