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This tile is from You Are Invited to the Marriage of Vincent Van Gogh & Pablo Picasso

Comment: frog and crane
Checked out at: December 25, 2002
Checked in at: December 26, 2002
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Perhaps I am biased...
...but I am really digging what you did with this. It's a five for sure!

The subtlety of the crane/goose's head hidden in the foliage, the sky below becoming a rippling pool... is that an alligator also stalking the crane? Great tile!!
Re: Perhaps I am biased...
thanks dude! :o)

i don't see the crocodile though, guess i can't take credit for it... there's a cute little frog though... and your bird looks like he's thinking about swooping down on him.

it was fun, i grabbed your interesting borders as soon as i could ;o)