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This tile is from A Van Gogh Fall/Winter Landscape

Comment: winter road
By: 111
Checked out at: December 05, 2002
Checked in at: December 05, 2002
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blending from left is not good (it is harg to blend it anyway) I focused in this tile with technique, and i'll try to make the next one in better way:)
Re: hmmm
the style in this tile is very Van Goghish. as for the blend on the left, i think it's ok [i was hoping the road would follow the contour of ireen's hills and then turn, but that's just what i invisioned... no biggie]. the blend at the top is a bit abrupt imo, but still quite acceptable.

i guess i left a loophole when i asked that we draw what Van Gogh could've seen, because he might indeed have seen blood on the road. kinda weird subject matter for a "pretty landscape" though. [again maybe that's just me, so... i'm NOT voting on this one.]

oh well, that's my critique. man i'm starting to feel like i'm micromanaging the quilt with my critiques and suggestions,
[ when did i turn into my stepfather??? ;oP ]

so anyway ...... peace
well.. U luv the blood =) Looks like someone was pushed of a wagon...
Re: ..
:) oh no, i just had to put something on the road:) and had no time to invent something else:)