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This tile is from A Van Gogh Fall/Winter Landscape

Comment: puffy cloud and sleepy tree
Checked out at: November 26, 2002
Checked in at: November 27, 2002
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Best tile so far on this quilt, I think
not only did you manage to get visible colour strokes (not an easy feat at this size) your colours are really true to Van Gogh and its such a moody scene. Bravo! 5 from me.
thanks Bob :o)

i know i should do some larger pieces too, but working on tiles at the actual size leaves detail intact [colour strokes]. as for the palette, i grabbed my colors directly from gecky's tile and from a few Van Goghs which i downloaded for this purpose.
Yes, very good.
I agree this is the best so far. Good choice of colors and "starry night" textures and shapes. The tree's shadow is also well done, but as usual I see that multiple tilers have declared a light source (unavoidable, I guess, unless somebody claims the sun before you start).

Big 5.
Re: Yes, very good.
i have claimed the sun :) muaha ha ha ha :D
Re: Re: Yes, very good.
hey Tony ejem.... i hope i did not screw up the ligth source:P
If so re-send mi tile and i will move it further to the rigth, (ill just need to chage the bending in my down border, but sky is sky so it would not be a big trouble.)

Re: Re: Re: Yes, very good.
bw 5 for ur tile:)
thanks guys!