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This tile is from Mainquilters 16: Conflicting Dreams

Comment: Suckage
Checked out at: October 07, 2002
Checked in at: October 08, 2002
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Suckage? I can't believe you're using my word. *Kevin McDonald* EVIL!!! */Kevin McDonald*
Re: Suckage?
Oops, my bad. Guess I'll have to watch out for that © symbol ;-)
Re: Re: Suckage?
Heh. I'll let it slide this time. :)
Re: Re: Re: Suckage?
Oh thank you kind & merciful one! I'm forever in your debt.
not bad.
i did a flower too! woa. u could have done sumfin a lil more interesting with the background, but otherwise pretty cool tile. i like the border i got from you, it blended well with my tile, thanx! ;)
Re: not bad.
Thanks virtue.

The reason I titled it as I did is because I checked it out at home, worked on it for a few minutes, emailed it to work and was busy all day. I had to be real sneaky about squeezing in enough time to finish it before the deadline. Happens to me more often than I like. I guess I just need a job where I don't have to actually work! ;-)
Re: Re: not bad.
I know how u feel. haha! the last tile i checked in i waited till the last 30min. newayz, u'll find the more time u get to spend on these things, the better they get. show us more! ;)