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This tile is from Bizarro

Comment: brayscale or gizarro
By: jito
Checked out at: April 28, 2002
Checked in at: April 28, 2002
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first vote was 5
2 vote is minus 5 (5+(-5)=0)
so now please be polit
and if u voted -5
write something here

there is no name
to describe what kind of asshole do that
damn s#[#çà_()'_(ç_"'
stupid #"ç('àç_à"'-"'_-
super [email protected]"àç'à"çà_'à_à

i even wonder why u was invited to this quilt
and u don't have balls of your opinions
2d time u do the same shit
I don't think that this tile is good as 5, but i'm sure it's not so bad to give a negative score. My vote 4. And the one, who give -5, in my home opinion is $#%^$#%^$$#$%^*.
i agree
Yep i agree with Jito if you voted at least you should have the nerve to write why you voted the way you did.

If not you are a coward
voted (4)
I did it Jito. Quit your damn crying and swearing. You take things way too personally. There is nothing bizare or even original in your tile. I should have deleted it for not following the theme. I changed my vote to a +5. Are you happy now?
Re: garbage
but well u can delete this tile and the X tile
and the one i made just on his top :p
wich is a message for you
(of course)
Re: garbage
and i made the tile
top of " x "
before you post here
cause i have some x rays implents

(i repeat it is a message tile for you
it wasn't made for the quilt)
tile n° 12833

ps:hope you like my humour
i guess bizarre is in the eye of the beholder... [and really "nothing is new under the sun", so originality may not even exist].

i see a weird snake like creature on the deck of a "star" ship, with a flaming marquee ... i think that is at least somewhat bizarre. [maybe Startrek has jaded us all]

i was the first vote, i thought the tile was well done [even before it changed it's appearance totally]. i didn't expect the score to stay at 5 on this one, because it's probably not what everyone will think of as bizarre, but i didn't expect to see my vote nullyfied by a -5, [i think that is bizarre ;o]

[i can't wait to see the one above the X tile now]