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Comment: strange wood
By: 111
Checked out at: May 03, 2002
Checked in at: May 03, 2002
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Let's see... Try not to make your copy and paste so obvious next time.
Re: Hmmm...
copying is an easy way if you lack time:)
i personally do not like this tile - it was made in a hurry, and has no idea:(
Re: Re: Hmmm...
just a lil comment: it's not your _obligatory_ job
to draw tiles, you don't _have_ to, you arent forced to,
so why do them in a hurry and in a way that you
"personally don't like it?". IMHO (in my humble
opinion) there are mainquilters and newbies to
checkin tiles even if you don't like them.

nothing personal, it's kinda answer to everyone who
knows that their tile isn't good enough, but they check
them in anyway...

Re: Re: Re: Hmmm...
i do not object to removing this tile
you will make a better one