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Comment: Sisyphii
Checked out at: April 27, 2002
Checked in at: April 28, 2002
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Did they all pull each other out of each other's asses, similar to the way those little people-shaped containers you can open up and find a smaller one inside and then find another one inside that and another inside that? Hehehe
*I have the feeling that someone is waching me*(eyes)
Nice combination i never would have guessed that from my water would come a
cloud of eyes with some fellas working to pullout something, is really great,

I freakyig like it! :) (5)
Re: *I have the feeling that someone is waching me*(eyes)
*pssst [[you're not paranoid Luis... they are watching you... hahaha]]
nesting dolls/hemorrhoid quads
well let's see... the idea was from the story of Sisyphus [a king doomed to push a ball up a hill only to have it roll down again, over and over forever]...

if that lead guy stops all the sudden though, these sweaty little guys could become nesting dolls real quick ;o) hahaha
This tile reminds me of "House in da Mouth" by Trollboy, except in reverse. =)