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Check your email. Admins are sending a tile back to you because there is a problem with it and you keep checking in the same tile.
Re: Email
What's wrong with it?
you might want to use/look at this...
hi res version by Mantic. referring to it might help the quilts flow ;o)
it's his tile down in the right corner and you have it's neighbor checked out...
On tile #18779
returned for touch-up on the Battle Royal quilt; because your time limit expired that tile is up for grabs now. It has already been posted that you don't have to meet these deadlines, but you will need to re-check out the tile before someone else does.

If you do not want to do anything with the tile please let us know. We will try to keep the spot reserved as long as possible.
Re: On tile #18779
I'll check it out on Tuesday...i was out of town for a few days
Re: Re: On tile #18779
Cool, it's reserved for you :)

And the high resolution version of raganaga's tile at the top right corner is now available for reference on the hires page if you need it.