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Please do some more tiles - your tiles are awesome,
I'd love to see more - others will too.
Do you have a web site?
Coooobraaaaaaaaaaa! er, uh, i mean, yeah. Yeah, iid like to do another tile soon. hopefully on the weekend i'll do another. I find these qults to be a great idea, and alot of fun.

I do have a website, but it's a secret ;) Well, ok, it isn't really, but i haven't updated it in a little over 2 years. When i do finally I'll post the url here or add it to my info or whatever for anyone who want's to check it out.

Thanks for the interest :)
what do you use, i.e. programs/drawing pads..to produce your pix. that is if you can tell me, without killing me,.. mr. bond. :)
Re: question
The purple ones don't taste like grape, but that's what they're called.

I used photoshop 5.5 and my wacom graphire tablet (grape color) to do all my tiles. Large quantities of cola are also consumed when i do tiles.

It's actually kind of tough for me to do these because i'm much more comfortable with a pencil and paper than i am with a tablet and a monitor... but i muddle through.

I enlarge the tile to 3 or 4x the size to start with. then i sketch out the drawing and work the whole thing in grayscale with alternating layers of black and white, using the airbrush tool. eventually the linear disappears. It's similar to the charcoal ground technique with charcoal and paper.

Once i get the values looking ok i start adding color on new layers. (I use alot of different layer types but mostly hue and color) I keep futzing like this till it look acceptable.

Then i reduce the image and copy and paste into the original file and do the blending and some final touch ups.

I don't know if any of that made any real sense...

If more people are interested i can make a step by step kinda deal of one of the tiles i did. just post a reply i guess and if there's enough i'll put it together.

I don't know for sure but the purple graphires might make you want to eat alot of candy. I only got grape cause it was in stock.


(and now your sould belongs to me! Mwahahaha... ummm... yeah.)
Re: Re: question
or not... seeing as my hd recently got erased...
Re: Re: question
cola is the very important ingredient.
aqueous carnifex
Mr. Smiley
That little black man with a yellow face is amazing. If you'd be interested in doing some *please note, this is not a direct solicitation, merely a heads-up* paid freelance work on a website, please email me.
Re: Mr. Smiley
I agree.. MR Smiley almost looks like he was a 3D Rendering! Amazing!

I've already stated once that he is my hero, and I also lubs him! Whee!