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I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself a little bit. I'm a microbiologist from New York, and I was shown this site by a friend. Whoa! I can sit in here and troll for hours. Which is what I did for at least a week if not two before registering. Seeing all the incredible work here got my creative juices flowing, and I tried a tile. Don't know how good it is yet since it's not showing as of right now, but oh well. I know I'll never be as good as most of you on this site, but I'll endeavor to do my best whenever I get the guts up to try another tile.
Hello :)
Wow, a microbiologist and artist! Cool, I love science - I just wasn't very good at it. ;)
Re: Hello :)
Just as I love art - I'm just not very good at it :)
Looking at all the work done in here (iCE) though, is just inspirational - makes even people like me want to get artsy :) I try to keep mine down to a minimum though - let the real artists do the work I so enjoy :)
...so much for the coin Sue, i hope to see more tiles of you ;)
WONDERFUL! IT'S SHERE BEAUTY!!! I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING SO GORGEOUS IN MY LIFETIME! It brings tears to my eyes! MORE MORE!!! Bring your work to the art gallery, the log boards, and most of all ... THE SHIP!!! Why don't you do more artwork for the Federation, Susan? HMMM??? ;-)