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We are a digital art group.

Hi! thanks for showing interest on the site, and the art group :D

form here: http://www.ice.org/aboutice.php
"If you are a digital artist, you are encouraged to apply to join iCE! We are always looking for new digital artists. You can do some art over at tiles.ice.org if you want to catch our attention, or you can just send an email to [email protected] along with some samples of your work (or URLs to samples of your work). Also be sure to tell us a little about yourself. We'll get back to you if we like what we see."

As far as i know the group is a digital art group, yes, at least that is what i known, and that was the reason why i liked the group, cause i am tecnology lover sorta of speak.
You can make some tiles, or critic-view the art here, but the group it is a digital art group as far i know. READ the whole ABOUT SECCION of the site if u wanna learn more. see ya and best of lucks on ur art :D
Re: We are a digital art group.
bw i donĀ“t mean to discourage you, trust me the "about seccion" pretty much has all the answers regarding what kinda of group we are :D :D
hi sierra
ok bad pun

welcome... try some tiles, it's fun and great practice :o)
i peeked at...
...your stuff at devart. there are some pretty good pencil sketches there.
you must have scanned your drawings, and that means they're on your computer now, so why not play with some of those in photoshop and/or paint shop pro and get the hang of digital now [drawing tablets are cool if you can get your hands on one]. if you have questions about how to do a certain effect you've seen in the iCE gallery just post a question and someone will most likely be glad to help you ;o))

[oh yeah... do some tiles too haha]