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newbie wants to be active :)
hey I am Camilla Drakenborg, new here, sent to this site by Sleeping tiger.
So how do you get to be an active member?
Now I am of to see some great art and post some comments, take care!
Re: newbie wants to be active :)

to become a member, and be able to submit work for the packs, you need to send an "application" email to [email protected]

include a link to some of your recent work and tell a little about yourself :o)

Re: newbie wants to be active :)
sorry i didn't see your post on the pack page before.
i will try to explain better.

packs are for displaying the monthly release of art by iCE members.

to become a member you must go through the application process i mentioned above, and be accepted.

both members and users can take part in tiling, or building quilts. it's based on the game "exquisite corpse" played by some of the impressionist painters in Paris some time ago. to join in tiling go to the current newbies quilt and click on the tile offered at the top left of that quilt page, and save the image to your hd. then just do your best to make a seamless/invisible blend between your work and the borders you receive. it's best to let your imagination gather ideas from the borders you receive as well.

here are a couple of good tutorials on tiling Tiles.ice.org Tutorial
TILE TUTORIAL (good tiler wanabe)

i hope that helps.
enjoy ;o)