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This tile is from Mainquilters 6: The Premature Best-Of Album

Checked out at: January 05, 2002
Checked in at: January 05, 2002
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pretty good
i like it, and the little dot style thing is like mine... but i guess the grey color got mixed up in the jpeg encoding? or else your monitor's brightness is too low for you to see....
Re: pretty good
I saw a same problem with my latest checked in tile "Worn", it was a small light of pink just above the clove that I saw on a newer computer.
Sea obsession, huh? :)
Hmm, I don't see any problem with the greys... The tone may alter just a bit,
but it's too small to make difference. Your skill is progressing, and
this tile is the best of all the underwater stuff you've done :)
Re: Sea obsession, huh? :)
All tiles can be devided to underwater and abovewater! :) )
Re: Re: Sea obsession, huh? :)
Wize guy, eh? :)))