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This tile is from Newbies 6: The Childrens' Breakfast Cereal

Comment: Landtree with cake
By: MiZe
Checked out at: January 05, 2002
Checked in at: January 05, 2002
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work on blending
smudging does not equal blending. The idea behind the quilts is to create a seamless transition between tiles (note the three tiles above yours and how they use the elements given to them in their border pixels). Avoid merely smearing colors from the border into your tile a few pixels and then changing abruptly to a different theme/picture/whatever. That said, you did a good job at providing interesting borders for others to work off of. Keep at it!
Re: work on blending
I will try better and better to do what the idea of the quilt is.
One or two more Tutorial were better to do better work.
My freehandpainting-gen ist not the very best.
Thanks for your writing...said Mikel from Germany

Do you know a german-site like ice?
Re: German site like ICE
No I don't know of one. But I have heard that the idea is not new so I'm sure that there are some other sites out there, somewhere.