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This tile is from Newbies 6: The Childrens' Breakfast Cereal

Comment: hmmm... didn't really know what to do... I like this anyway. I wonder how people are going to blend into this.
Checked out at: January 01, 2002
Checked in at: January 01, 2002
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As tough as that bottom tile was to blend off of you didn't provide much for the person to your right to blend to. And the work itself looks to be mainly noise filter. Try to avoid relying on filters too much. Stretch your artistic muscle by attempting the same result without a filter (this is purely opinion on my part). Finally - please refrain from signing your tiles. Because the nature of these tiles is collaboration and the final result is a whole quilt, placing a signature on your individual tile is like claiming the entire quilt as your work. Others will still be able to access your individual tile and your name will be credited on that page so there is no need to add a sig to the tile itself. Don't get discouraged, keep plugging away and you'll improve in no time.
Re: Hmm
well said.