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This tile is from Lord of the Rings

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By: greg
Checked out at: November 28, 2001
Checked in at: November 28, 2001
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errr... what is it?
A bookmark of sorts? or the bottom of some banner?
Mystety user
Re: errr... what is it?
I was thinking banner. I thought someone might wnat to right out a nice title. instead of maybe more sky and clouds and birds and dragons and other sky things.
I guess it could be a bookmark too, that could make sense.
Re: Re: errr... what is it?
Hi Greg!
Yes, wasn't LOTR a book before they made a movie of it? God! Look at your score kiddo! Damn, you're going to make it into the hall of fame! When are you going to start treating us to some larger work? Why not see if you can get a web page thru your ISP and post your bigger stuff there? You've got a nice hand Greg and I always look forward to seeing your work here. I've done a few tiles for Pixel Soup and today's tile, (Here's Johnny), will stitch real well into your leather thing! I'll catch up with you again, soon. Regards to a great guy with an excellent hand!
Eddie M.