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This tile is from Attack of the 50 Foot Mainquilter!

Comment: Games to play.
Checked out at: October 18, 2001
Checked in at: October 18, 2001
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isn't that the same skull LIE used in his tile elsewhere on this quilt?
Re: umm...
That is why the tile is called games to play.
It was instigated by the conversation on that said tile, you will also notice that there is a bit of rope in the lower left corner of this tile also related to the same thing.
But look at the fun colours and great blending in this tile!
Good for you Ken!
YES, this is a great tile and although it bears some resemblence to the skull that I submitted, it is not the same one. You were licensed to do as you have done, to copy and reverse it as necessary to make your own statement. I love the colors of your tile and the complete composition, it speaks of time and labor and I awarded you a five on this tile because it is most probably, the best tile that you have done thus far (IMO). Personally, I've been waiting to see the rope that you set off to do and I hope that you found your way through my little mini-lesson on creating rope in Corel. You can be proud of this keeper and if there is a small measure of plaigurism, I will consider it an honor. Place this tile at the top of your gallery of keepers! Remember, I took a stock clip-art skull and reworked it before I put it on the quilt and you were well within you own rights, to do whatever else you've done to it. We call this, "variation on a theme"... Best wishes Ken, now get cracking on that rope!
Re: Good for you Ken!
Ed, how can you say it's not the same skull? Every detail is the same. It's an exact copy of yours. I wouldn't be so pleased if someone copied my work.
To my friend Antaydos
In whatever manner that each of us perceive another to "take" our work, this taking, or copying of this work or even image, is not important with me unless of course I would lose out, on a commercial effort that might have made money for my efforts.
I gave Kenneth permission to use the image, in my veiled statement that putting the rope thru the eye socket would offer a challenge to him or anyone else who wanted to lift that image. If my outlook upon the use of that skull had been in direct opposition to my rights or even wishes, I can assure you that mine would have been among the first of those voices to object. I gave Ken a high vote because no matter that it entailed his taking of my image and variating it in the way that he cleverly did, I see an improvement in his art here, at least a step forward and well above some of his other valid but less carefully planned submissions. Ken has worked hard at improving himself as an artist and as for the skull, I didn't feel that I was imposing upon God, when I used his own design of that skull, for my own purpose. I certainly hope that my attitude in this case, is not seen as a heresy, and I in no way want this outlook to be interpreted as a license for others to go out and use the artwork of others and construe my meaning as justification of those ends, but will always believe that there are exceptions to every rule, no matter how fast and how hard these rules are set down. I would hate to feel guilty for singing the Star Spangled Banner, just because Francis Scott Key put those words together.
As artists today, we all use the very elements of every aspect of life around us, both animate and inanimate, living and dead, real or fantasy, good and bad and if anything that I create, will help another to make their own lives more enjoyable without hurting me, well so much better for them.
Most of all, unless I indicate otherwise, whatever I place on the quilt is done so with the hope that my work would be shared by others who mean me no harm and are able to further their education as both artist and person, with that art and the ensuing commentary that has evolved out of it. As a great person and a fine artist, I appreciate everything that you do and all of your contributions. If you look at the four people on my homethread, you would see your own name among those whom I continually cast votes for and would know that I hold you in esteem. Certainly I like to cast those votes that I cast for the people who I feel are making great strides in perfecting their craft and although they do not reflect favorites as determined by following certain artists as a groupie would, to get those prestigious names upon my own list of favorites, I do this because the ones who (by way of my voting), seem to show the greatest enthusiasm as well as a continuous effort to improve their work, are automatically registered by the board as I vote. I vote on every board that I am permitted to vote because I like to help others whenever I can. My voting average is better than 3.5 and with very few exceptions I don't place negative votes or even zeros and on those occasions where I do, it is usually my manner to leave a comment, a constructive comment as to the vote that was cast. You were here when I came and also when I had collected over 25 tiles that were rated below zero. For half of my time here, I have taken these negative votes and until I got tired of those minuses, I continued to do things my own miserable way. I began to improve, not because my hand got better but because I stopped doing things my own way and took the shit out of my ears. I began to understand that all of those negatives were earned by me and that all who voted against my work found it a necessary means of getting my attention and bringing me to a point of submission, a point where I was ready to accept both the truth and the help that they wanted to give me. Even Gecko, a fine artist and perhaps my harshest critic has had an impact on me, has been a force for necessary changes that had to be made if I were going to survive here. I remember even your comments to me in those times but even you are responsible for my growth at ICE.org. Ant, I am sorry if my letter to you reflects improper thinking on my part but because it is a reflection of my inner feelings, I will submit it to you and to any who wonder about my motives or my sense. Continue to feel as you do about the copying of one artist by another artist and do not let my point of view change your own, but mitigate whatever criticism that you do have for my own acceptance of this copying in the manner that I have done. Thank you again Antaydos for reaching out to me and for making me proud to be a member of ICE.org! Yours truly, Eddie M.
Re: Good for you Ken!
Actually I drew that rope by mouse and hand.
Did anyone notice the time it took me to do this tile?
Did anyone wonder what that symbol in the lower left of the tile was about?
Does it kinda look like a copyright symbol crossed out?

What I don't know is what Long Island Eddie really likes in this. Outside of the bright colours and the simplicity that makes it stick out from my other tiles.
I was also under the impression that L.I.E. said he drew that skull by his own hand and I now know that it came from a royalty free image.
I really like the style of drawing that he does, the faces that have appeared in some of his tiles. It is a very romantic illustrative style that I would like to see more of.
Even the tiles that he got negatives on in the begining were good, but unfortunately they did not blend.
I beleive that you can draw Ed, I think you just gotta find it to beleive in yourself. Drawing does not mean you have to turn yourself into a replicating machine.