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This tile is from Attack of the 50 Foot Mainquilter!

Comment: doodle
By: greg
Checked out at: October 15, 2001
Checked in at: October 15, 2001
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Why didn't you flop the page that you drew when you duplicated the image? It's craziness like this that some of us notice, you know like looking for mispellings in the Pennysaver! You are really into it, aren't you, I mean this tiling thing. You've got a fine gallery already and I could swear that I heard you swearing when the server went down the other night and you couldn't score another tile! Give em' hell Greg, you're the best...
Eddie M.
Mystety user
hmm.. I guess I thought it would look cool. . either that or I was working too fast. It kind of reminded me of those old fashioned stereograms, except it wouldn't work because it's the exact same picture. when I look at it it makes me think of a man and his best friend( a dog).
and yes, I was looking all day and night for tiles.ice.org while the servers were down ..-I couldn't think of anything to paint.
'cept now I'm taking a voluntary break, because I don't want to over do anything. already I've had about 6 tiles pop up :0
btw: Am I the only one who takes screen shots of the quilt to paste on my non-visible tiles? heh
well, thanks for the words Eddie, yer a character. dig the skull.