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This tile is from A Tribute to M.C. Escher

Comment: Fish n stuff
Checked out at: October 30, 2001
Checked in at: October 30, 2001
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What's with the siren?
Re: Um.
I am wondering the same thing as Root.
Re: Re: Um.
okay... so here's the explanation of the "siren" which isn't really a siren...

I was thinking about adding "chromy" stuff on it, but not a chromy ball(since we already have that)... So I was thinking of things Esher could have done... And I tought about colored glass, which colorize the light that flows through it. So this is actually a glass-hemisphere in two colors which shows how the light alters color when shining through the glass, lighting up the surrounding in color...

This whole thing with "light studies" is derived from the Eschers bent on psychedelic(as in what the word really means) and tought-worth art...

Well, you might still not like it, but atleast you won't have to ask yourself "why is that ugly thing doing there?"...
Doesn't it put one in mind of the paddywagon that carted Escher off to the loonybin?