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This tile is from Return of the Mainquilters

Comment: inspired by what I did all day long today
By: Tine
Checked out at: October 07, 2001
Checked in at: October 07, 2001
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Could be my eyes but...
Hi there again Tine,
Look closely at the top edge of your lovely tile and see if you can see the thinnest of black lines, perhaps just a one pixel line completely against the next tile(soon) to join your own tile. This single line will make it difficult for the artist that takes the tile above yours, to join his new work and to make the joint appear to be a seamless joint. I think that you found the line was already run to the edge of Jakub's tile at your right hand side but you must always set aside an exact boundary of 128 pixels by 128 pixels, the area that is set between the checkered edges and the artwork that you are joining on to. It's up to you as an artist, to see how your tile will blend into the next tile, and good blending is just "Keeping the faith". You are improving your technique each day and I'm sure that your next tile will be just that much better. Remember to reach back to Omni and correct your own indescretion of the other day because poor Omni had no control over exactly where his tile would go and you gave him an awful gigging...I look forward to seeing you grow here and I wish you well... Eddie M.
Re: Could be my eyes but...
hey Eddie... it kinda looks to me like he was just continuing the line from the tile on the right.
Mystety user
Re: Re: Could be my eyes but...
and besides, it's on the top line. So yer lucky this time.
Re: Could be my eyes but...
Even before I started working on the tile, I knew that it would come out in the top line (because of the color - could only be that spot), that's why I wasn't too interested in the "blending" to the next tile on the top - since I already knew - that there won't come one.

Re: Could be my eyes but...
By the way -

I revoted on that guy next to me in the other quilt - don't know if it has been corrected yet.

It's weired so, that some tiles, that did come up already, are taken back afterwards again. (was the case with my very first tile - a fish in the first quilt) ...

Re: Re: Could be my eyes but...
The longer that I know you, the more that I like you and thank you for doing the right thing because to feel good, is to do good...
Eddie M.