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This tile is from Return of the Mainquilters

Comment: Tech Support Training didn't prepare me for this one....
By: Syzygy
Checked out at: October 08, 2001
Checked in at: October 09, 2001
Checkout tile:


I always seem to get this error too... damn shame is what it is...
A super tile...Syz,Greg and John...
That's the spirit! Such a bold step into the quilt and certainly the hook for the quad. Stare awhile at Greg's, John's and mine in context with your's above and you will find that these four tiles seem to slip right into one another. All four tiles are tightly done and well blended into their counterparts. I can assure you that if the voters see the merge of each tile into it's counterpart, that they too will be impressed. Although there are these neat little pockets like this all over this quilt, I can see it here and can almost touch the harmony. Now, let me get back to that doob...
Best Wishes for piles of tiles, Eddie
Someone who voted low for this tile, please explain. I would like to know what I did wrong....
He Syzygy!
Nice name... Okay, i'll tell you why i gave you not so much points on this tile: I think it's a funny tile and the blending is okay, too, but the style doesn't really fit to the quilt. That's my opinion. I'm still a newbie and maybe i'm wrong with what i told you, but there are tiles like your "got water"-tile, which i like much more. I gave you 5 points on this tile, even the blending isn't as good as you did it here. I just like it and it fits much better to the quilt. Hope it helps...

Re: He Syzygy!
The 'style' fits in okay as far as I'm concerned.
This quilt is untheamed so 'anything goes'.
Re: Re: He Syzygy!
but it doesn't look as good as other tiles. That's it. You misunderstood me.
blending isn't just about the edges
Tiles are supposed to blend in with the quilt in general, not be a miniature artwork all their own - it's not just about seamless edges. The problem with this tile is that it is it's own unique image and, despite the fantastic work and the seamless blending, it's just not part of the quilt.