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This tile is from A Tribute to M.C. Escher

Comment: "I wonder if Escher ever had a keyboard?" or "Entrance to the Secret Garden" or "Hurray for Shiny Spheres!"
By: Fydo
Checked out at: September 16, 2001
Checked in at: September 16, 2001
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One single white pixel..
on the left side. Is that meant to be there? Looks out of place...
Re: One single white pixel..
Of course it was meant to be there.. Its a really shiny penny, you know, to go with the really shiny sphere below.
Also it gives those who blend into that edge the chance to put something strange in there that normally would not fit.
I know it looks a little out of place, but it was meant to be there.

Re: Re: One single white pixel..
FYI: I tried to put something interesting there, but I couldn't do it. :/