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Comment: Metamorphosis
By: v01d
Checked out at: September 13, 2001
Checked in at: September 13, 2001
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Your tile...
You did a really nice job of weaving in the continuity that makes these quilts
so great. In spite of what appeared to be a tough blending job, your tile looks as if it just flows right into the image going from abstract to finite with minimal pain. Yes, you do quite well with this kind of work and so I wanted you to know it. There are many accomplished artists here and I do consider you to be one of them. Again, great work VO1D........... Ed Martin, (LIE)
Re: Your tile...
I thank you for the compliment. I am quite pleased with this tile, however I am aware that some of my other work lacks the detail and continuity of subject matter and style that marks the best artists here. Hopefully that will improve as I extend my portfolio.
I have to agree with your postings elsewhere; this site really is quite addictive, isn't it?
Re: Your tile...
I agree with Eddie on most points, and I think you did a great job blending into some difficult material. One suggestion for improving this would be adding something more interesting to the top of your tile, so the person working above you wouldn't have just a large white space to blend into. I think this is the top of the quilt anyway, so it doesn't matter, but that's just a bit of constructive criticism for you. :) Anyhow, great tile, keep up the good work!
Re: Re: Your tile...
I'd worked out in advance that this tile was at the top, so I didn't want anything on that edge. I'm a bit upset about the fate of my poor chess snake though :)