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This tile is from A Tribute to M.C. Escher

Comment: i give up..........
Checked out at: September 19, 2001
Checked in at: September 19, 2001
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Nice :)
Woah, nice hand!
Re: Nice :)
My only criticism is how this tile doesn't really blend or merge with the one below it.
I give it a 3
The tile itseld would have been an easy five, but it seems you didn't even try to blend it. The art here is awesome, but the point of this site (as i'm sure you well know) is to make things flow well with surrounding artists, and I think this is at least as important as the quality of the tile's content...
Re: I give it a 3
follow the rules at all costs etc, right? ;)

i thought about blending and didn't do it because i think having some sharp contrasting divisions/frames, as seen in many of escher's works, in this quilt, would be interesting. it could make for some interesting depth changes/strange loops and so on. blending, in my opinion, does not have to happen in X ammount pixels. 1 can do it as well, it just has to work and not spoil the neighboring tiles :)

i dont think i broke continuity either; seeing that there was a border to the chessboard on the left in the first place, i just made the frame chessboard frame cease early.

this is a shitty tile in anycase.. and perhaps it would've looked better with the left checkerboard border going right to the top of the quilt.

who am i to judge? :)

It'll blend.
I agree. You cut if off in a blend:ish kind of way... It works for me.
In this quilt...
In that position...
With those neighbors... ;)