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Comment: dont make me kill the penguin
By: Acid11
Checked out at: January 14, 2001
Checked in at: January 14, 2001
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Re: kill an evil corporate mascot, not the friendly linux penguin
if it makes you feel any better, he hasn't made a tile since February.

And yes, this site uses linux, apache, php, mysql, cron, image magick, etc. etc. etc. All free software, and this site's code is even GPL'd. We owe a lot to the free software community.

you didnt get the point
what i meant was that linux is being held hostage by windows and sofware companies, not kill the penguin, anyways this tile sucks so who cares
yeah, i use linux also, i was making windows look like they are trying to kill linux, so they can make money and be the top of the industry, microsoft doesnt make free software, they make software for the people who want it easy, they dont want people to use linux, i dont want linux to go away, i want it to get bigger and better just like you, im glad you read this, cause i didnt want to piss anyone off, that wasnt why i made this tile
Re: anyways
again...blending is off.
Re: Re: anyways
the only tile i had to blend to was above me, the others were blending to me